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Do You Love Yourself? You Should

Recently, a friend and I were having a really great talk about how we each happened to have developed some of our destructive self-talk habits and the belief that it was, essentially, sinful in the worst way to care for ourselves.  Particularly, how self-love in any form was seen and taught as the most egregious […]

Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work

Resolutions, Goals, Success – Part Two

We’re talking all things goals, resolutions, succeeding and the how-to of it all.  Read the first part of this story here if you’re just tuning in.   I left off yesterday telling you that after having experienced my fair share of typical resolution wishlist failures, I did create a few New Year’s resolutions for myself […]

The beginning is the most important part of the work

Resolutions, Goals, Success

Let’s talk goals and resolutions because it’s such fun!  Right?  Haha!   But really, it is fun.  Thrilling, even.  Let me explain.   I’ve made my share of well intentioned New Year’s resolutions but in recent years, I haven’t even bothered with wasting the effort anymore because those resolutions had become synonymous with wishful thinking […]

Girl Gone North, Canadian Fashion and Wellness Blogger - Gap skirt with floral applique top and red high heels for Canada Day in Alberta

Oh, Canada!

July 1st is Canada’s most important holiday – Canada Day! I felt it was my patriotic duty to wear red for the occasion so I created a simple outfit around my current favourite skirt. This cute, striped little number is from Gap and is super comfy and has pockets! I love pockets. I paired it […]

Girl Gone North, Canadian Fashion and Wellness Blogger - Casual Work Outfit - Tan, Silver and Blush -4

Tan, Blush, Silver – OH MY!

I’ll be really honest.  It’s been a great week, but it’s been a hard week. Balancing a career with kids and the thousand and one things to keep up with in a home is NOT easy.  I know many of you, readers, know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s particularly not easy when you have […]

Girl Gone North, Alberta Fashion Blogger - Pair a busy, asymmetrical top with casual navy shorts and gold gladiator sandals.

Navy and An Exotic Print, Oh My!

We’re two days into summer in the northern hemisphere and besides the mosquitos, what’s not to love?   Long days filled with sunshine and warmth leading to cool nights with crickets and the breeze whispering secrets through your open windows. Barbeques, bonfires, ice cream, watermelon, sandals – it’s all so wonderful and pleasant.   I […]

creamy white sling-back pumps with navy and white dotted Gap pants

Creamy White and Navy Business Casual

Hi friends!  I went to a media launch event for a great summer festival coming up (I love my job!) and I wore my favourite business casual combo – creamy white and navy. The top is silk and feels sooooooo good!  The pants are Gap and they are my favourite business appropriate pants I’ve owned […]

depression quote image

It’s Depressing But We Have to Talk About ‘It’

Hi, friends!  I’m being all professional adult and adulting from sun-up to sun-down most days.  I can haz awardz now?   I’d love to blog every day or every few days but it’s not going to work out that frequently for me until some other areas of life become less demanding and/or hypothyroidism doesn’t play […]

Girl Gone North American Eagle ballet flats

Girl Gone North Attempts to Fashion

In my last post, I told you a bit about my sordid history with ‘beautiful’ and here I am, ready to put some action into my resolution to find my very own beautiful.   I’m not a fashionista teaching the interwebz the secrets of how to look fabulous.  But I love, love, love beautiful clothes.  […]

decide to be beautiful wall frame

Searching For Beauty

I’m decidedly not modelesque.  Severe acne damaged my skin forever; I’m angular in all the wrong ways; my body is both petite and notably devoid of pleasing curves; I’m what is known as skinny-fat, I think – my weight is right where it should be but my inability to exercise through prolonged illness has left […]