About Girl Gone North

Hi!  I’m Ellie and I’m Girl Gone North on the wild, wild web.  Thanks for visiting; I hope you’ll stop by often and become a friend.

Girl Gone North, Canadian Fashion and Wellness Blogger - Gap skirt with floral applique top and red high heels for Canada Day in Alberta

My career is in marketing and communications and I love what I do.  I get to spend my days working in the promotion of localism and staycationing and get paid for it.  That is good living right there.

I’ve lived through some pretty traumatic things in my life and for a long time I was in a deep depression because of it.  Eventually, I became quite ill, physically, from living with the depression and stress of life.  Through some timely and favourable circumstances, I was able to receive the help that I needed and slowly I began to recover.  I’m still recovering.  It takes a long time to work through years, decades, of horrible baggage.  It’s so worth it though!  I’m well and truly on my way.

So here in my little corner of the vast virtual space that is the internet, I will be writing a lot about what my thoughts are on being well.  I’ll also be exploring fashion and beauty.  I love pretty clothes!  Unfortunately, I’m not an expert fashionista.  So what I’m going to be doing here on my blog is creating outfits that I really like wearing, share it with you, and we can all learn what works and what doesn’t work, together.

Why don’t you pull up a chair and stay a while?  If you have a blog, let me know where your internet creative outlet is parked and I’ll come check it out.


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