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Do You Love Yourself? You Should

Recently, a friend and I were having a really great talk about how we each happened to have developed some of our destructive self-talk habits and the belief that it was, essentially, sinful in the worst way to care for ourselves.  Particularly, how self-love in any form was seen and taught as the most egregious […]

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Tan, Blush, Silver – OH MY!

I’ll be really honest.  It’s been a great week, but it’s been a hard week. Balancing a career with kids and the thousand and one things to keep up with in a home is NOT easy.  I know many of you, readers, know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s particularly not easy when you have […]

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Searching For Beauty

I’m decidedly not modelesque.  Severe acne damaged my skin forever; I’m angular in all the wrong ways; my body is both petite and notably devoid of pleasing curves; I’m what is known as skinny-fat, I think – my weight is right where it should be but my inability to exercise through prolonged illness has left […]

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Lead Your Heart, Shape Your Life

  There’s a ‘secret’ I’ve discovered about life and how to improve it vastly and be a happier person.  But really, it’s not a secret at all; it’s ancient wisdom.  Example, the Bible has a verse in Proverbs that reads, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”.  Or woman. What I allow […]

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Taking Time for Self-Care

Canadians are enjoying a long holiday weekend this weekend, courtesy of Queen Victoria.  Yay, long weekend!  So far I’ve done extremely exciting and celebratory things like cleaning around the house, organizing some stuff, worked on some projects with looming deadlines and made plans to go on my first ‘backroading’ adventure.  I know – soooo brave; […]

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How to Have a Great Day!

How to Have a Great Day!   For a long time, I was struggling through life in a haze of lethargy, depression and just an overall state of hopelessness.  It wasn’t that life was particularly bad, it also wasn’t particularly great, either.   Bad things happened at several points in my life – things that […]