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Navy and An Exotic Print, Oh My!

We’re two days into summer in the northern hemisphere and besides the mosquitos, what’s not to love?   Long days filled with sunshine and warmth leading to cool nights with crickets and the breeze whispering secrets through your open windows. Barbeques, bonfires, ice cream, watermelon, sandals – it’s all so wonderful and pleasant.   I […]

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It’s Depressing But We Have to Talk About ‘It’

Hi, friends!  I’m being all professional adult and adulting from sun-up to sun-down most days.  I can haz awardz now?   I’d love to blog every day or every few days but it’s not going to work out that frequently for me until some other areas of life become less demanding and/or hypothyroidism doesn’t play […]

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Girl Gone North Blogs All The Things

  Hey, peeps!  I’ve wanted to  start this blog for a while and now is the time.  This is just my little corner of the interwebs to write about my recovering adrenal fatigue adventures – with a side of hypo-thyroidism and depression.  Let the fun times roll!  Yes, yes, smashing good times.   It’s very […]