Navy and An Exotic Print, Oh My!

We’re two days into summer in the northern hemisphere and besides the mosquitos, what’s not to love?


Long days filled with sunshine and warmth leading to cool nights with crickets and the breeze whispering secrets through your open windows. Barbeques, bonfires, ice cream, watermelon, sandals – it’s all so wonderful and pleasant.


I work out of my home and one of the biggest perks of doing that is that I can dress as casually as I want to on days when I’m not in meetings or at events. Taking full advantage of this glorious summer weather, I chose to wear an aysemmetrical cut top in an exotic print with my navy Gap shorts.  Since the top is already so busy, I decided to let my gladiator sandals act as my only accessory.  I was super comfortable in this outfit as I went through my workday and now I’m going to be equally comfortable in it as I take a walk with my kids and barbeque our dinner.


The totality of my thought process here:  I wanted to wear the top and I didn’t want to risk clowning myself up too much (it already comes naturally in everything I do) so I figured pairing it with very unassuming and low profile navy shorts and the golden gladiator style sandals would create a very comfortable, laid back but still fun summer outfit.  I definitely feel relaxed and summery.

What do you think?  Would you wear it?  Would you change it?  Let me know what your thoughts are.




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