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Lead Your Heart, Shape Your Life

  There’s a ‘secret’ I’ve discovered about life and how to improve it vastly and be a happier person.  But really, it’s not a secret at all; it’s ancient wisdom.  Example, the Bible has a verse in Proverbs that reads, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”.  Or woman. What I allow […]

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Girl Gone North Gets a Little Mud on Her Tires

Recently I was forced to buy another vehicle on very short notice and I made the decision to go all new for the first time ever.  Usually, I tend to buy reliable vehicles that still have life in them for a very inexpensive price so that I can afford to pay it off in cash immediately because debt […]

Gluten-Free Dessert - A way to do a little self-care for Girl Gone North

Taking Time for Self-Care

Canadians are enjoying a long holiday weekend this weekend, courtesy of Queen Victoria.  Yay, long weekend!  So far I’ve done extremely exciting and celebratory things like cleaning around the house, organizing some stuff, worked on some projects with looming deadlines and made plans to go on my first ‘backroading’ adventure.  I know – soooo brave; […]

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How to Have a Great Day!

How to Have a Great Day!   For a long time, I was struggling through life in a haze of lethargy, depression and just an overall state of hopelessness.  It wasn’t that life was particularly bad, it also wasn’t particularly great, either.   Bad things happened at several points in my life – things that […]

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Girl Gone North Blogs All The Things

  Hey, peeps!  I’ve wanted to  start this blog for a while and now is the time.  This is just my little corner of the interwebs to write about my recovering adrenal fatigue adventures – with a side of hypo-thyroidism and depression.  Let the fun times roll!  Yes, yes, smashing good times.   It’s very […]