Resolutions, Goals, Success – Part Two

We’re talking all things goals, resolutions, succeeding and the how-to of it all.  Read the first part of this story here if you’re just tuning in.


I left off yesterday telling you that after having experienced my fair share of typical resolution wishlist failures, I did create a few New Year’s resolutions for myself for 2016, all of which I’ve achieved at this point!


There were several key things I did when I created these resolutions that enabled me to achieve success.  I made sure that my goals were very specific and measurable and I made sure that I chose only a few things so as to not create an overwhelming, unachievable task list I’d give up on right away.


With all that being said, these were my goals:


  1. Enroll in my first university course of my preferred degree program – business degree with marketing major.
  2. Start exercising by taking short walks every day, then every day, then lengthen my walks and if my body can tolerate it, incorporate an exercise routine two or three days per week  by year’s end.
  3. Start a blog.  🙂
  4. Learn how to speak kindly to myself; retrain my inner self-talk.
  5. Find employment that fits into my interests and beliefs.  I work in marketing, communications, and sales with a small company that promotes tourism and localism.  It’s almost unbelievable how perfectly this job fits into my interests in both scope and nature.  I’m still a little shocked that the perfect job was available right at the time I was looking for it.


As you can see, my goals were very specific.  I haven’t written this down in my list up above but when I created these goals, I actually planned a series of action steps for them.  For example, the exercise goal – the first action step was literally ‘walk around the block on Monday and Thursday for two weeks’.  The next action step was ‘walk around the block on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the two following weeks’ and so on.


I created a timeline of action steps for each goal.  And in this way, I just followed my timeline, broken down into very small steps I could take on a daily basis and before I knew it, I was halfway there and then all of a sudden it was July and I had already achieved everything on my list!


The next step after succeeding at reaching your goals is goal maintenance.   A goal achieved requires a maintenance plan so you don’t fall back into old habits you’ve just worked so hard to get yourself out of.   This is where I find myself now and it’s a pleasant place to be in, for sure.  But it does require some work every day.


There you have it; my goals and how I made the plan that helped me work toward achieving them.


How about you?  Did you make resolutions at the beginning of the year?  Where are you at with them now as we’ve moved into the latter half of 2016?  If you made the common mistakes that lead to such a high rate of failure to achieve goals, why not dig them out again and redo them right now – the right way?  There is never a better time to get started on the path that will take you to that destination you long for than right now.  Don’t be afraid of the work, it’s a necessary part of achieving your plans – and that’s a good thing!



Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work



I’d love to hear from you!  Leave me a comment and tell me where you’re at with your goals, if you’ve made goals.  If you don’t have any goals, I truly hope that I’ve been able to inspire you to make some with the corresponding action steps that will help you to achieve them.


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