Tan, Blush, Silver – OH MY!

I’ll be really honest.  It’s been a great week, but it’s been a hard week.

Balancing a career with kids and the thousand and one things to keep up with in a home is NOT easy.  I know many of you, readers, know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s particularly not easy when you have some health issues to live with.  Hi, hypothyroidism, I see your 3:00PM yawn and raise you an 8:00PM flat-out pass-out.

But it really was a great week.

I got to work on some projects I’m super excited about in my day job, and I have so much fun putting together long time favourite outfits for the blog and also try to put something new together from my closet with my five extra minutes in the morning.  I totally get up five minutes early for you guys.  🙂

Beyond all that, I’m a part-time student.  So it’s hectic, to say the least, with my health limitations.

So that a great week is winding down, is fine by me.  After the kiddies are tucked in and kissed,  I’m going to take a few hours tonight to just shut everything down and destress over a glass of wine and a game of scrabble with my sisters.

Can I be even more honest?  As much as I believe that we really can be, and should be, comfortable in our own skin and enjoy and nurture our own beauty (inward and outward), when I’m already feeling stressed and frazzled and under intense pressure, it’s the easiest thing in the world to slide right back into my old thought patterns and self-talk habits.  Especially since I’m really putting myself out there blogging about what I like to wear.

Now, it’s absolutely true that there is no way I could ever be considered a beauty queen or anywhere near modelesque.  But it doesn’t mean that I can’t wear things I feel pretty in or just enjoy the positive parts about my person.  This is what I’m coming back to, again and again, when the going gets tough.  I’m worthy as a person simply by virtue of the fact that I exist.  I am in control of a whole slew of things about myself that will have a positive effect on both my inward being and outward appearance.  And there are already a ton of gorgeous fashion and beauty blogs out there hosted by gorgeous, modelesque ladies – many of which I read and LOVE.  I think a very average looking woman can contribute to the fashion/beauty world by finding looks that flatter her in all her super average ways.  A real life fashion blog for the average woman.  Why not, right?  I’m cool with it.

That got a lot more long-winded than I had intended.  Thanks for bearing with me.

Today, I wanted to share something I wore this week to a staff brainstorm meeting.  I hear people talking about meetings in tones that are just a touch warmer than death but I LOVE having staff meetings.  The flurry of ideas exchanged; project planning; future mapping – I LOVE IT!  By the time we’re done a good, long meeting, I’m ready for world domination.

It was a very warm day but we were meeting in an air-conditioned indoor space.  So I decided on light colours, loose fit and breathable fabrics.  If I could manage to get up ten minutes earlier, I’d probably find time to add my pretty pearl earrings to some outfits (I think this one would have been a great one for the earrings) but I was already rushing around to get everything handled on time so once again, details on the clothes and shoes were my accessories.  The shoes have a bit of a satin sheen to them (sadly they are simply cheap knockoffs and are not real satin), as well as a bow detail at the back and the embroidery neckline of the shirt creates a feminine detail to complement the feminine design of the shoes.  I enjoyed being me in this outfit and that’s my definition of fashion success at this point.

P.S.  If you spot a bit of wrinkle in the clothes, it’s because I first worked an entire day in them.

P.P.S.  I hope you don’t.

P.P.P.S.  But if you do, it’s because I first worked a whole entire day in them.  LOL


Girl Gone North, Canadian Fashion and Wellness Blogger - Casual Work Outfit - Tan, Silver and Blush -2 Girl Gone North, Canadian Fashion and Wellness Blogger - Casual Work Outfit - Tan, Silver and Blush -3 Girl Gone North, Canadian Fashion and Wellness Blogger - Casual Work Outfit - Tan, Silver and Blush


I’d love to hear from you.  Do you like it?  Dislike it?  I’d love to hear from any of you legit, awe-inspiring, effortless fashionistas out there!  When I grow up, I want to be like you.  Especially if you have a shoe closet.


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